Hi, I am Sameer.
I am working as a Software Engineer 2 in Observability Team at Intuit. I have experience of developing robust services for Logging and Tracing at enterprise scale. I have developed, maintained and migrated Intuit home-grown Tracing Library to Opentracing (Think of this as Opentelemetry SDK for Java). I am developing a solution for Kubernetes Cluster/Apps Logging at the scale of tens GB’s per minute. I have developed and maintained services to transport the AWS Cloud services logs like Cloudwatch/Kinesis and Load-balancer at enterprise scale. Previously, I have also worked on a Spring-based web application. I have done many projects ranging from a simulation of OpenStack Swift to optimise energy efficiency (PUBLICATION) to finding the cache hit/miss for a piece of C/C++ program.
I love coding, chess, music and formula1 (Not in any order).
That’s it about me.
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